Tips on planning your wedding reception

Posted on July 12, 2018 at 2:46 pm

Planning for a wedding can be a lot easier if you divide everything you need to do, and this does not just mean distributing the work on the number of days you have until the wedding. You have friends and people who will help you make arrangements, so it’s best to break the jobs down and divide them. Tasks such as car rental, tables, and chairs are things that any bride can easily delegate to her father or siblings who are comfortable because they can not help you choose the right flowers or textile colours. You need to make sure your decision is final. It’s fine for your loved ones to give you their ideas or opinions, but you don’t have to take them on board. Think about how you want your wedding to be and be sure not to spend too much time trying to please others – no matter how much money your parents are spending on it. It’s not their day, it’s yours.

Checklist of important items

You’ll first need to set up a checklist of important items. This will provide a visual guide that shows you exactly what to do. By keeping a checklist, you will have a fixed handle on all the details that still need to be processed. You can prioritise areas that need attention first and places that can be delayed for a little longer.

Choose the right place

Almost a year before the big day is the perfect time to start planning your reception – and in the case of the most popular places – making reservations. You may have already started a guest list and have a good idea of ​​how many people will be invited, so take this information with you as you travel around the different wedding reception facilities. While you are there, ask about the different places they have for wedding ceremonies and receptions

Choose a theme and decide where to host the reception

It is difficult to decide on the right reception venue if you do not have a theme in mind or an idea of ​​the style you would like your wedding to be. Many of the decisions you will make in the future, such as what you offer from food, how to decorate your cake, what flowers you would like to order, and even what types of weddings you prefer your guests, will depend on the theme you choose for your celebration. Even details you probably haven’t even thought about yet, such as wedding chair hire, will come into it, so be sure to pick a theme you’re both 100% happy with. Wedding reception venues have several different locations in one place to let you know each one and decide if this is the “perfect fit” for your tastes. Beyond choosing a theme, you will need to consider things like whether you will be welcoming at home or abroad

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