Ensuring Catering Success

Even if you’ve got no experience with catering and events, there are a number of ways in which you can ensure that everything runs smoothly. Follow our WMD Catering top tips, so that whatever else happens during your event, you’ll know that you can rely on your food and drink to impress.

If you’re inexperienced with events catering, you may want to consider using a professional. Depending on the prestige of the event, it may put your mind at rest to know that this side of things is taken care of. Good caterers will be able to give you a range of options and can talk you through what they will be able to do for you within your budget. If you’re using a particular venue, it might be that they already have their own in-house catering service, and if not, they may have a company who they usually use and are happy to recommend.

If you do decide to go down the professional catering route, make sure you use somebody you can trust. Ask around for recommendations – if your venue doesn’t know of anybody, then friends, family and colleagues can also be useful. It may be that you also need to hire extras such as cutlery, glasses and tables. If so, many catering companies will be able to provide these for you, so it’s worth tracking one down who have everything that you need.

Should you decide to tackle your catering requirements on your own, the most important thing you do is remain highly organised. Keep track of everything you do, and be vigilant. Maintain a strict to-do list so that time can’t run away from you. Plan how you’re going to cook and prepare everything so that you know exactly what it is that you’re doing – it may even be worth having a schedule in place complete with timings so that you know what you’re meant to be doing and when.

Ensure that you know exactly what you’re going to need and buy it in advance. Prepare everything you can ahead of time too – it will help you to feel more relaxed knowing that the process has already been started. Giving yourself a head start is always a bonus, and it will also give you more time to play with if something goes wrong.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Taking care of all catering requirements is a very big undertaking for one person. If you can get people to help you, take full advantage of their assistance. Even if you want to cook and prepare the food yourself, some support on planning and logistics never goes amiss.

Perhaps most importantly, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and ensure that you enjoy your event! A relaxed host who looks like they are enjoying themselves will help other people to have a good time too.

Good luck with your event!